Graphic Designer




I grew up in a small redwood mountain town just 10 minutes from the surf city of Santa Cruz, CA. Being from this area gave birth to a lifestyle of camping, hiking, climbing, boogie boarding, bonfire gathering, and everything the outdoors had to offer. 


After moving from this bit of heaven on earth, I found myself relocated to Ventura, CA, while attending Cal-State Channel Islands for a Bachelors Degree in Art Studio, with and emphasis in Graphic Design and concurrently minoring in Business Management. Learning everything from screen-printing, photography, life drawing, web design, as well as graphic design I knew that even with all these artistic skillsets, it wouldn’t be worth much without the marketing knowledge behind it. Now specialized in the graphic arts and business, freelancing projects began to grow my portfolio and helped me network within the design community. 


Shortly after graduating, I was fortunate enough to obtain a position with the Ventura based company Patagonia, Inc. as an Illustration Production Artist, and am still with the company today. 


My goal in my career is to apply my artistic abilities in unison with my marketing skills to create unique solutions to design projects. Having a team oriented mindset, collaboration with other artists is what I find essential as a designer. I believe it is key to work with other creative minds to succeed as a solo artist because I always find learning from others will always keep me inspired to push myself further in my creations. It is also equally important to me to find a way to make a living utilizing these skills at a company that puts integrity, it’s employees, and the environment at the forefront of their mission. Growing up the way I did in nature, there was no other option for me in where I wanted to land. Santa Cruz is my first home, but Patagonia is now my second — and I could not feel more grateful to be here. 


Nature, minimalism, and a strong appreciation for life are what inspire me.